Summer nearly over

We have had a wonderful Summer, lots of riders and visitors. Horses have behaved very well and thank goodness no mishaps,

Kids camp was a blast, thanks to Jill, Drew, Emma, Tristin, Emilie, Sarah Mirielle and Calli without you this would not have happened. On behalf of John and myself. thank you all so much. Guess what only 2 places left for next year. Must be doing something right1098223_10151858529876563_339546445_nIMG_0149

Lots of family here as well this summer and that made me very happy. We had three girls from Quebec  Sarah, Emilie and Mirelle they had a great experience here and it was great having them. September Cyril and Manon come to the Ranch from Switzerland 2 sisters who we enjoy having so much, they have been here before and always have a great time. Looking forward to their visit with much anticipation.

Sad to see Kate and Razz leave the Ranch this Summer they are onto bigger and better things  I wish them all the luck in the world, they will be missed.

Five horses took a trip across the river of course Penny was the leader, we got them back but for me it was rather traumatic, trying to negotiate with people that have your horses and that lie through their teeth is exhausting, don’t think I could do that again.

We are having our September Poker Rally September 12th, everyone welcome. hopefully it will be a good turn out and a nice cheque for New Hope Rescue.

Bette Tasker August 22nd 2015






hello 2015

We are looking forward to a great 2015 season. Horses are wintering well and hopefully will continue to do so. We had Rachael out to do some hoof repairs, had a nice visit it was great to see her.

Some dates for the coming season

May 30th Equine first Aid ( Michelle Woodall )

June 6th Poker Rally proceeds to the children’s wish foundation

July 19th to 25th Kids Camp

September 5th Poker Rally proceeds to New Hope Animal Center

We are also looking forward to having guests from Quebec to help us out this summer Sarah, Emille and Mirellie will be with us in July and part of August really looking forward to meeting them.

Bit of an upset yesterday Feb 13th Minnie and Farley both went through the ice on the dams very cold shivery dogs after rescue, hopefully they will not do that again.

I am looking forward to a week in Mexico with daughter Bev, then its back to work here and getting ready for season. Cannot wait for this snow to be gone as everyone knows I love green and sunshine.